Paola Bortini

In the last 25 years, it has been fascinating to strengthen people and organizations throughout Europe, to support them in liminal phases in learning from / for the future with creativity.

At the centre of my methodical approach is above all mindfulness, the Theory U by Otto Scharmer – and his team from the Presencing Institute -, “wilderness” nature work and pure essential oils. Born in Italy, I lived and worked in many countries.

Currently living in Austria with my family.

With many years of meditation practice, trained in Mindful Self compassion, MBSR, Mindful Parenting by Jon and Myla Kabat-Zinn, Insight Dialogue, the Way of Council. certified Emotion Mentor with Rebecca Linder Hintze and Aromacoach; trained in Theory U and Social Presencing Theater with Arawana Hayashi.

Monica Mano

I have always tried to answer a question that I feel is fundamental for my life: “Who am I?”

Over the years, this question has led me to experiment and open up to new possibilities and opportunities that came along the way. For years now, I’ve been working on me with a renewed intensity and perseverance using meditation, the “Who is in” awareness intensive and other techniques that help me to search in depth.

In 2015, the participation in my first “Who is in” was the beginning for a new way of looking at life, a real turning point.

I lead workshops where rediscovering the contact with one’s own body and with the sensations arising from it we can regain wellness and joy of life.

I am completing the training for the leading of “Who is in”- awareness intensive as I really feel it as a powerful tool and a concrete possibility of well-being and return to oneself.

I propose pathways related to the development of emotional intelligence through meditation, mindfulness, essential oils and other psychosomatic techniques and MusicArterapia in the Globality of Languages.

I am cranial sacral and shiatsu massage therapist in formation; also in these disciplines I have found and find the possibility to search, to listen in depth and to slow down. Spaces of deep contact with each other and of connection that supports well-being.

For years I have been working – and am still working – with children and adolescents in the Erasmus +  program at international level and in local schools, bringing the work of personal growth and emotional skills.

Maria Luisa Pagano


Since 1985, I work in the field of non-formal education as a trainer and youth worker, supporting the personal and professional development of young people and youth leaders at national, European and international level. I collaborate with national and international youth organizations, with the network of National Agencies of European Union Youth Programs, with European and international bodies. In recent years, I have focused my interest in supporting the development of key competences in youth workers and young people in the frame of lifelong learning.

Angelica Paci

I grew up between Africa and the Middle East, places that opened my mind and where I had the opportunity to learn the value of diversity and appreciate the importance of listening and empathy.

I have a humanistic background and for about 10 years I have worked in the corporate world as a consultant for the design and implementation of quality systems. My passion for nature, as a mirror of our human nature, has led me to train internationally in the field of experiential learning in outdoor mode. I have been working in the field of non-formal education for 15 years, facilitating the learning processes of young people and adults, especially teachers, trainers and team leaders. Internationally, they are partners of the International Academy of Experiential Education- Via Experientia and ALP- Activating Leadership Potential; at a national level I am partner of Kamaleonte and responsible for the international research and innovation sector. I am convinced that collective intelligence is a source of inspiration and growth for the individual, which is why reflection is my favorite tool to support the personal and professional development of groups and individuals. I actively participated in the research and exploration of connections and implications between H. Gardner’s multiple intelligence theory and leadership development in adult learning. Inspired by the management of change through U-Theory, I developed practices and activities together with international partners for an authentic and inclusive approach to leadership. For a couple of years I have been passionate about essential oils to promote my inner balance and the emotional well-being of my and my loved ones.

I currently live in Latina with my husband and my son, with whom I love to explore new destinations and do activities in nature. Both are a source of inspiration and continuous growth for me and with them we strive daily to put into practice the art of living in harmony with ourselves, with others and the environment around us.

I firmly believe that each of us has a potential that can be genuinely expressed the moment we become aware of it. This is what motivates me to do what I do.

the simple action of intensively and purposely smelling wild orange gives me fantastic energy

Attending the workshop was absolutely worth!


with you I have learnt that there is so much joy in looking at the positive side of life


with you I have learnt to pause and not to immediately react when something happens.

A deep breath is a long enough pause!



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